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Hello, I'm Jackie and I am the creator of Sooki Coo Candles.

Sooki Coo Candles has been my passion during lockdown. The one thing lockdown gave us was “time” .  The typical day of being out the house from 7am - 6pm had disappeared and the rat race had stopped.  This gave me time to indulge in something I had dreamed of doing for a very long time, make candles!


It took 6 months of testing, dodgy wicks, some nice and not so nice fragrances, a few honest friends, a good few headaches and I was finally able to able to launch the Sooki Coo Candles brand on 21st August 2020.


Lots of people ask, where does the “Sooki Coo” come from?  The Sooki is a shout out to my daughters comforter to which she has had since she was born.....she is now 8.  It’s the one thing that comes everywhere with us, and the word “Sooki” is mentioned each day in our house as we make sure “Sooki” is safe. The Coo part came from my love of the Highland Cow.....I just think they are cool, they have attitude and most of all they represent Scotland.

Sooki Coo Candles range includes, candles, reed diffusers, room mists, wax melts and a selection of hand & body washes and lotions. These are perfect as a treat to yourself or a lovely gift

All products are handcrafted and blended with fabulous fragrances to bring a lovely aroma to wherever you may be.

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