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Upcoming events

Saturday 26th March : P&J Live | The Dog Lover Show

Sunday 27th March :  P&J Live | The Dog Lover Show

Saturday 9th April : Aboyne Farmers Market 

Sunday 1st May : Milton of Crathes Rally at The River

Saturday 14th May : Aboyne Farmers Market 

Sunday 15th May: Chapleton Farmers Market 

Saturday 4th June : P&J Live | Taste of Grampian 

Saturday 11th June : Aboyne Farmers Market 

Sunday 24th July : Chapleton Farmers Market 

Saturday 30th July : Banchory Show 

Saturday 6th August : Aboyne Highland Games 

Saturday 13th August : Aboyne Farmers Market

Friday 9th September : P&J Live | Home Show 

Saturday 10th September : P&J Live | Home Show 

Sunday 11th September : P&J Live | Home Show 

Saturday 17th September : Aboyne Farmers Market 

Sunday 18th September : Chapleton Farmers Market

Saturday 8th October : Aboyne Farmers Market

Thursday 20th October : P&J Live | Clydesdale Show 

Friday 21st October : P&J Live | Clydesdale Show

Saturday 22nd October : P&J Live | Clydesdale Show

Sunday 23rd October : P&J Live | Clydesdale Show

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