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Bubble Candles

Bubble Candles


Sooki Coo Candles scented bubble candles are designed for decorative purposes but if you do decide to light your bubble, please place on a even surface with a heat proof protective placement and please do not leave unattended.


I recommend a 1hr burn for the first light , followed by a maximum of 2hrs each burn thereafter.


  • Note: There may be some wax leakage due to the nature of the candle and it not being contained. Thank you Sooki Coo Candles.
  • Scents

    Black Iris & Musk – Blue

    Dark Honey & Tobacco – Yellow

    Spiced Orange – Orange

    Walk in the woods – Green

    Black Raspberry & Peppercorn – Pink

    Sweet Pea – Purple

    Black Plum & Rhubarb – Dark Purple

    Spa Day – White

    Rocksalt & Driftwood – White

    Wild Mint – Dark Green

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